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Grief is a unique experience for each individual. There is no timetable and there is no limit. But, there is help. While grief is a very natural part of life, that does not mean coping with the changes that come after the loss of a loved one are easy to navigate.

When experiencing the loss of a loved one, people often need the support of others in a safe and loving environment. Grief support can provide an outlet for emotions, as well as an opportunity to learn how to move into the next phase of life.

Florida Hospital HospiceCare is here to help families through the grieving process in a variety of ways available to each family member. For more information, call 800-404-1133.

Memorial Services — At various times throughout the year, community and family members are invited to attend a nondenominational memorial service to honor their loved ones. Memorial services vary from one location to another, and are open to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one. Community members who are interested in attending a memorial service should contact their local Florida Hospital HospiceCare for more information.