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Becoming a caregiver for a loved one with a life-limiting illness is often a new role for both the giver and receiver.

Florida Hospital HospiceCare are here to help in that time of transition. While this can be a time of great reward, closeness and meaningful experiences, it can also be difficult, exhausting both emotionally and physically, and challenging in many unexpected ways. We are here to help caregivers learn how to care for loved ones, to offer support with information and resources, and to help work through any care-giving challenges. The journey does not have to be taken alone.

  • Expectations — Although every illness is different, the experienced staff at Florida Hospital HospiceCare and Palliative Care team’s experience can help caregivers learn what may be expected to occur in the coming weeks and months.
  • Education — We are available to help with any questions regarding the caregiver’s role, the patient’s illness or to discuss any changes in the patient’s condition.
  • Social Worker — Available to help the caregiver through emotional support, counseling and connections to community resources, such as financial assistance, transportation, funeral arrangements and government benefits.
  • Nursing Team — The link between the patient, family and the physician, nurses teach the caregiver and family how to properly care for the patient and to help them better understand the needs of all involved.
  • Chaplain — Available to visit and provide non-denominational, spiritual support throughout the illness and can assist with funeral services if needed.
  • Volunteers — Available to provide different types of support to patients and their loved ones, volunteers are trained and specially selected to help with transportation, running errands, preparing light meals, staying with a patient to give family members a respite, lending emotional support and companionship to patients and family members, as well as bereavement support.

Information for the Caregiver:

  • A comprehensive caregiver support guide is provided for use as a resource, education tool and handbook for both patient care and as a reminder for self-care of the caregiver.
  • Nurses are available by phone 24/7 to answer questions, and staff members are on call to assist when needed.

Resources for the Caregiver:

Groups and websites available to help you to care for your loved one:

    This is an online community of caregivers offering tips, advice and support.
    This is an online resource for finding care providers in the community. Or call (866) 824-8174.
    This self-assessment tool from Share the Care is for individualized recommendations and resources that may contribute to the caregiving experience.
    This is a tool to help locate resources in your area by city, ZIP code or topic. Or call 800- 677-1116.
    The Senior Resource Alliance can help find services from housing to utilities to Medicare.
    The full continuum of care for seniors, from case management to medical equipment.
    This is an educational site that can walk caregivers through the health care for an elder, as well as to learn what to expect.